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New single release!

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New single release very (read “very”) soon!

It has been a remarkable year in more than one way. A lot is said and done when it comes to the pandemic issue so we don’t wanna go there. Like many bands and artists we also had to survive but we took full advantage of the “off stage” time. As said before, we had an album to finish and yes we actually did! Despite we aired a few release dates in the past, it’s quite safe to say that the release will be in January 2021! Yes, we took our time to give you the best. Besides the release there will be some other exciting news about new employees. But more about that later… 😉

We don’t wanna leave our loyal fans empty handed now we’re on the brink of leaving this difficult year behind. So keep your eye on the YouTube link below for the premiere of a brand new LSOE single! Oguani’s Hope will be aired December 6th (13.00h European time). This song is about a chapter from the book “Bodec – The Tamed Revenge” like all the songs on the upcoming album. We shot the video in our separate home studio’s to mark this crazy past year. It will be a YouTube release only btw. Oguani’s Hope will be released on Spotify and other streaming media in January as part of the album.
This will be our December gift to you all!

Stay safe and look after one another…
Wishing you all wonderful holidays!


Steef, Erik and Erik (for now)

Album recordings and solo works

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It has been a while since we posted here… Way too long! We have been very busy arranging and recording our album the last months and it’s gonna be great! Just a few more weeks and we may be able to launch a teaser…? Who knows!

Meanwhile Steef and Erik B (with his artist-name GEB) have also released some solo-singles, tunes that don’t really fit Last Son Of Eve but are great as well. (both songs mixed and mastered by Erik B actually) Check ‘m out below and follow their solo-facebookpages here:

To the artistpage of Steef

To the artistpage of Erik B


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After the 2018 release of our single The North is Burning to test the waters, the time has come to complete the first LSOE album. We are currently working in the studio on some powerful tracks that has evolved the past months into full worthy LSOE songs. We took our time to tailor and shape  these tunes for the threesome line-up. The release will be somewhere in 2020. We’ll keep you posted the next months with news, pix and vlogs of the process.


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It took a while but we’re sure it was worth the long wait. Once started as a one man’s project, it was a deep wish to put a solid band together to give shape to the upcoming concept album and the live performance. Now three years later we’re very proud to present the rebirth of Last Son of Eve with Erik Vander Vlis on guitars and Erik Besselsen on bass guitar and founder Steef Broekhof as the band’s lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. LSOE is kicking off with a brand new single and video called “The North is Burning”. There’s lot’s of new stuff coming up in the near future. You can read all about it under “The Project” tab and “News from Chimaogu”. LSOE will be also hitting the road in 2019 with a concept based show on several festivals and in venues. So please keep your eye on the agenda. Feel free to support us with your likes and comments on Facebook: @LSOEmusic or leave your comments and questions here on the contact form. We love to hear from you!

We like to thank all our loyal fans who supported us from the beginning but we also sending big hugs to all the new Sons! More news is coming in the near future so stay tuned!


Last Son of Eve